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The Minds Inks Publishing Deal With Rehegoo Music Group!

Hot off the press and don't forget to tell your aunt,

You read that headline correct, the minds taking no time to get this heavy swinging decade started as they have officially signed an exclusive publishing deal with Rehegoo Music Group.

"Were beyond excited to announce our new partnership with Rehegoo Music Group and to see where this partnership will takes us! I'm always excited when a company sees your vision and meets you where your at and wants to help you bring that dream to life. I hope this partnership will take us to new heights and allow our music to get to places we haven't gotten to yet!"- Jordan Taylor Moed

Rehegoo Music Group is a globally recognized music publisher that specializes in producing and distributing the musical work of up and coming artists via digital music stores, streaming services and sync platforms. Our fiercely passionate team is driven by a constant thirst for innovation and creativity with an extensive knowledge of cutting-edge developments in the field of music and technology.

According to the bands official Instagram (@besuspicious) and other social platforms, the band has been in the studio since the beginning of the year working on the follow ups to their 2019 debut album, Electric Elvis which was released on March 1st through Unable Records. No official announcement has been made on when new music can be expected, but it is for sure on the way and could be here sooner than we think.

On December 13, 2019, the minds released SMTV, a special gift to their fans. The live DVD/Album was released as an Amazon Prime Video exclusive, along side a companion CD and digital album which was released on all major streaming markets and CD's through Unable Records.

The heavy swinging 20's are well off to the races, and we can only expect the same from the minds behind. Be sure to follow Suspicious Minds on your favorite social media and be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get the most up to date news on all things Suspicious Minds!

Learn more about Rehegoo Music Group here:

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