• Jacques LeGacie

And that's a wrap!

Finito! The minds wrapped up their Electric Elvis 2019 Tour on August 25th in Tampa, Fl. When walking off stage, the minds were nothing but smiles from ear to ear and constantly asking the question.... "Whens the next tour start?". The electrifying tour began on July 25th in Manhattan, NY making stops all the way down the eastern seaboard and even stops in Nashville and Memphis.

When asked what to expect from the minds for the rest of 2019, the minds seemed to be pretty optimistic about a very busy fall and winter involving new surprises for fans, and even talks of new music! From this writer's standpoint, it's safe to assume the minds are hard at work creating and innovating heavy swing rock n roll to the masses. Stay tuned for more news and updates!

Til next time,

Jacques LeGacie

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