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Tour Dates, New Drummer, and a Music Video?

Alright Hive Minders, Jacques here again here to give you the full scoop on all of the updates that came from the meeting of the minds this weekend. So lets just dive right into it.

On Saturday June 22nd, we got the "Suspicious Happening" event which launched the brand new music video for the rock smash "Hampton Jig". Created by long time photographer, film maker and good friend Zakki Black the video depicts exactly what the band and the album would want you to get dived into... and that's simply the music. Beginning with someone putting a needle to the Electric Elvis record (HMM.... very similar to "Hot Off The Press" from the album). The video proceeds to show clips from the band performing the song while the vinyl spins and also includes the lyrics to the entire song throughout the video. Head on over to Suspicious Minds official YouTube channel to check out the entire video.

As well on Saturday, we saw first glimpse's of tour rehearsals. The band was in Nashville rehearsing for the forthcoming "Electric Elvis Tour" (More on that later) which included photos and videos of the minds behind in the studio and having fun!

Sunday Jun 23rd, was a big day for the band and saw alot of suspicious activity. The day began with a social media post of a empty drum kit and eluding to some announcements coming on their highly anticipated 102.9 The Buzz interview that night. As the interview began, we got everything as fans of this band could possibly want and what we have been waiting all this time for. First, the announcement of new drummer Mason Servedio which now completes the bands lineup. The long awaited Electric Elvis 2019 Tour Dates and Jordan Taylor Moed even left some of us up in the air with some notions of something coming this summer musically. Overall it was awesome to hear the minds having fun and seeming like they were in their element.

All in all, this weekend was for sure insane and as a fan you couldn't be more excited for the guys and this summer tour!

I'm also proud to announce that my first clothing for the minds "Tour Threads By Jacques Le'Gacie" are officially in and well be available all summer long on the Electric Elvis 2019 Tour.

Electric Elvis 2019 Tour Dates:

July 25th - The Delancey - Manhattan, NY

July 26th - The Tusk - Philadelphia, PA

July 27th - The Brighton Bar- Long Branch, NJ

August 16th - TBA- Nashville, TN

August 17th - TBA- Asheville, NC

August 18th - TBA- Knoxville, TN

August 22nd - Full Sail Live - Winter Park, FL

August 23rd - The Brass Mug - Tampa, FL

August 25 - Hooch & Hive - Tampa, FL

Til Next Time,

Jacques LeGacie

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