• Jacques LeGacie

Staying Suspicious!

Alright you guys and gals of the hive mind,

Its been 10 weeks since the release of the long awaited debut album from Suspicious Minds, "Electric Elvis". Since then the boys have been on the radio, podcasts, magazine's and more in support of the album. They even made it as the "Buzzcut of the week" on 102.9 The Buzz Nashville's Rock Station during the week of the 2019 NFL Draft playing along the likes of Motley Crue, Papa Roach, 311, Tool and many more. Jordan even went out his way and got "Hampton Jig" tattoed on him! Talk about dedication, anyways I'm here to give you the latest scoop of whats going on in the camp of the minds behind!

So for the past few months, the band has been teasing a 2019 summer tour that is sure to be a spectacle that you'll be talking about for years to come! Although only one date has been leaked from said tour(August 16th at the Basement in Nashville, TN) which was leaked during the minds Buzz Cut Of The Week residency on 102.9 The Buzz, the guys have leaked to close acquaintances that the tour could be officially announced in the matter of weeks! So I guess its only a matter of time now before we find which cities Heavy Swing Rock N Roll is invading this summer!

As well to this, the band has been super "hush hush" on a top secret project that is also set to be announced around the same time as this up incoming tour. It has been rumored that the band has been working on a music video for "Hampton Jig' which the band was rumored to of tapped long time friend and film maker Zakk Knetch for the gig.

Although nothing has been officially announced by the band just yet, we can only assume that Electric Elvis is not the last you have heard from the minds behind this year.... infact, they are just getting started.

Til next time,

Jaques LeGacie

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