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Credit:  Zakki Blakk

Mason on the kit, Electric Elvis Tour 2019

Tampa, FL

NYC Christmas 2018

Photo Edit:  Zakki Blakk

Suspicious Minds is "A Band Apart", comprised of vocalist Francis James, guitarist Jordan Taylor Moed, bassist Dan Morin, guitarist Pete Baker, and drummer Mason Servedio.  Currently each of these band members live in different parts of the United States (NJ, TN, FL, and NY respectively) but that is not stopping them from creating the swingin-est Rock & Roll this side of the Mississippi - HEAVY SWING.


Taking a page out the book of an old friend Chris (aka C-Squared), Suspicious Minds bore "Heavy Swing Rock & Roll" as their genre.  What's that?  Elements of Swing rock from the 50s, bluesy hardrock from the 70s, heavy metal from the 80s, alt rock from the 90s, and punk from the early 2000s.  Rest assured - you will have fun and want to dance.

2019 was a big year for suspicious minds, 2 albums, 8 live music videos, 2 rock radio smash singles, a lyric video, a live concert dvd, and the wrapped it all together when they sent shockwaves up & dowen the East Coast on their first tour with an over-the-top, high energy ride through heavy swing rock & roll that left everyone begging for more.

Joint The Hive today.

Electric Elvis Artwork.jpg

Electric Elvis

This Album is everything you need and more to dive into the world of the Minds Behind.


Recorded at Game Changer Studios in Winter Park, FL

Additional recording with the help of The Empire Project in New Brunswick, NJ, Nada Recording Studio in East Windsor, NY, and The Jam Room Music Complex in Howell, NJ.

Mix:  Daniel Morin, Jordan Taylor Moed, John Naclero, and Jeff Wallace

Master:  Daniel Morin, Jordan Taylor Moed, John Naclero, Jeff Wallace

Video:  Zak Knecht aka Zakki Blakk

Artwork:  Dylan Sheridan aka Alternative Indien

Publisher:  Heavy Swing Publishing (ASCAP), Heavy Swing Creations (BMI)

Distributor:  Unable Music Group 

Management: G.C. Holdings, LLC

Available Platforms:  Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Pandora, Groove, Google Play, Napster and many more.


Black Harbor Sound

Coldcock Whiskey

Rock Roll N Soul Clothing

Bands We've Shared the Stage With:

Trapt,  Killcode, Black Tide,  Cycle of Pain,  Station,  Small Town Titans,  Ronin,  Lethal Affection, Brand of Julez, Commonwealth, Corevalay, Empire Fallen, Cyanide Saints, American Sugar Bitch, Strive, Harlow, Murder FM, Artifas, Le Montro, Coach and the Dusties, Them Fixes, Where Thieves Dare, Fear. The Sparrow, Down from Trees, Burden in My Hand, Contraband, Baron Praxis, Roland, At Best, Zymotic Flow, CVGES

Venues We've Played:

Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ

The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA

Stanhope House, Stanhope, NJ

Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ

The Chance Theater, Poughkeepsie, NY

The Delancey, Manhattan, NY

Red Dwarf Studios, Sewell, NJ

Brass Mug, Tampa, FL

Hooch & Hive, Tampa, FL

Little Harpeth Brewery, Nashville, TN

Rockhouse Live, Memphis, TN

The Tusk, Philly, PA

Full Sail Live, Orlando, FL

Spectraflex Cables